Writing is not a get rich quick scheme.


In in a recent online article (, writing a Kindle Ebook was listed as the #9 way to get rich quickly. Really?

Even if you write a 20 page non-fiction book on how to plant a tree, trust me you will not make money quickly!  If fact you will spend more money. If you want to stand out and have something to be proud of, there is cover art, editing and formatting you will have to fork out for. If you really want to be taken seriously, you’ll need a website too. Those are just the basics. When you finally have your book listed along with the almost 4 million other books on, the hard work starts! No one will know your book is available unless you don’t promote it, extensively, on millions of social networks and blogs. Not all blogs do it for free. It takes a lot of time to promote your book. It also takes time to get the money from Amazon. They only pay out your 70% Royalties quarterly!

So why write an ebook? Because it’s your talent, therapy and passion.  I’m lucky that in every study/ quiz and personality test I had ever done, I was told writing is my ideal job and that Marketing is also my “forte.” Grammar and spelling?…eh….not so much!!  Fortunately for me I also have the ability to predict future outcomes and therefore I still have my full time day job!! Had I quit my job or been a writer from the start, I’d probably be living on the breadline, because writing does not make you rich. It enriches your life!

To sum it up….Writing a book is easy. Promoting your book takes permanent dedication. Making a living from it, that is harder work than parenthood and senior management in a business combined. It is worth it. Just write that book and worked harder than ever before. You will make it.

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