Here is a thought…(pretty dangerous thing for me to have, but hey). What wouldn’t you do for your family? I always said I’d go into prostitution for my kids. That was before I had them and the body they left me with!! These days, I think it’s rather safe to say that prostitution is the last thing I would ever do.
Considering the things I already do for my kids, I think it is enough. They get woken up with hot chocolate. Their clothes are set out for them. I polish their school shoes. Their breakfast is ready by the time they are dressed. I go to work earlier to pick them up earlier. I make them smoothies every night with real fruit. I tuck them in with secret hand shakes. That is over and above the normal mom stuff like doing their laundry and feeding them occasionally. (just kidding)

If they struggle in school, let them work it out on their own. GASP!!! Oh no she di’int??
I SOOO did say that. We had private tutors, extra lessons and a hands on approach to our eldest last year. It did not help. This year, he is doing exactly the same as last year, without tutors and all that jazz.

But I digressed. The reason I asked what you would not do for your kids, is because there is one thing every parent is guilty of. They all say they will die for their kids. Would they live for their kids?
If the answer is yes, then put down that delicious delicacy you are holding. Take charge of your mind. Do not let it tell you that you can not do it. Get your body into shape. Live healthy to continue living for your family.



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