Whether you are ugly, skinny, fat, pretty or all of the above in your opinion, if you are a woman, you feel different about yourself to how others feel about you.
Most women will never be happy about the way they look. They focus only on their negatives.     
I am also like that. Unless you are going to Aspen to ski during your next holiday, you are one of the few not worried about your weight. Fortunately for us going somewhere where Hypothermia is not an Avalanche away, many clothes out there are designed to fit our body types to hide imperfections on the beach. With that issue out the way, you need to work on your self image.

They say to change your mind set about yourself you must compliment something about yourself in the mirror every morning. (Imagine that??) I read something today: It is a monumental waste of time to improve your body and not work on your self esteem, because you will never be happy no matter how anorexic you look. 
Loose weight if you want, diet if you need to. What ever you do, try to learn to love yourself? If all else fails, just remember, it could be worse. You could be skinny, but look like this!!!


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