No one knows how hard it is to self promote your work than artists. Authors especially!!

So, here are 7  tips to help you sell more books, in no specific order!

1) Host Giveaways – Giveaways and Free Promotions of swag is a great way to get readers interested in your book. 

2) Go Crowd sourcing! Join sites where readers are like Wattpad and start getting your name out there. Post sample chapters or even a W.I.P you might want feedback on.

3) Advertise your book on free or paid sites. 

4) Get Interviews from bloggers. 

5) Reviews: Do a Read for Review trade with other authors or go onto Goodreads and offer your book for free to anyone who added it to their “want to read” shelves. 

6) Arrange a blog tour or a blog promotion from popular book bloggers. 

7) Showcase your work on other websites. 

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