Ever think to yourself that something will make a great story? So did I! It only took me two weeks to write my first book of 84000 words. I paid to have some research done and then paid hundreds for a book cover. When I was done with my book,  I had decided to get it published. Imagine my glee when an author friend had started a publishing company and signed my book up to be published? I was an published Author! I thought I had made it to the big leagues and my book for sure would be a best seller. Ha!


After paying my “publisher”  several thousand for editing, formatting, a website, a book banner, etc. my book was published on Amazon. Turns out everything I had paid for was for nothing. My book Capital D received high ratings, all followed with a big BUT, which was followed by remarks on the grammar, spelling and punctuation marks. So I left the publishing services company that was NOT a publisher at the time and pulled my book off the market. I could no longer use the website or anything I paid for because it had their logo all over the place.

With no other options, I went to a real publisher with real editors who reworked the entire book, including my cover and author name. Some semblance of hope arose and life was good once more. Until I wasn’t allowed to read books, blog about books and host giveaways. All my power to reach more customers and expand my brand was gone. On top of it all my book was set to be placed on the lowest shelf of the farthest corner of the book stores because I wasn’t a well known brand. I left the publisher before my book could be discarded by book stores after a month.

So, I had gone the Indie route and published my own book. I now have this really awesome book and no sales.

Here is what I wish I knew:

Besides the obvious that I wish I knew the difference between publishers and publisher services companies, I really wish I knew about Kickstarter, Indiegogo and other crowd funding websites. I would’ve saved myself 27K.




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