Besides the editing, covers, websites and all the rest to just getting a book out there, the biggest expense is marketing. You have to run your book like a business. You need to advertise and promote your work on a continuous basis. You have to spend money to make money. I have spent hundreds on blog tours, blog promos and events. If you are writing a book right now, think of unique ways you can promote it before it launches. Don’t wait until afterwards. The longer you wait the more expensive it gets.

If you already have a book out, use blog tour companies with a huge following that are dedicated to promoting your book. I had once paid for a blog tour with a rather large Blog Tour company that failed. Over two hundred bloggers posted my media kit over a week, which had no effect on my sales. Why? Because all they did was post my media kit along with two or three other tours’ posts. No one knew my book was on a blog tour. No one paid any attention to their multiple posts either. None of them promoted my book apart from a tweet about their blog.

My sales really picked up when I paid for a Nat’s Book Nook Tour. Not only did they get other bloggers to post my media kit, but my book was promoted every 2 hours on every major social network for 5 days along with the bloggers who joined the tour. Many of those bloggers were fellow authors.  They reached markets that I didn’t even know existed with that strategy. A dedicated promotion is definitely the way to go.

If I knew about that before I wrote the book, I would’ve used them to do a pre-launch promotion and get fans before I released my book Capital D.


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