PART #3:

I was blogging and connecting with people long before my Capital D was released. I joined all these social networks and interacted with people from all over the world.

So why didn’t my book sell at first? Because….


On Instagram connecting with people is difficult. It is image based and since I didn’t have a book cover let alone a book, it was hard to gain a fanbase. Once I had all of that, to be honest, the 300 million Instagram visitors a month were watching the most popular images and latest fads. My little pics was lost in the maze. It did nothing for sales.




There are so many social networks and everyone is in it for themselves. NOBODY cares! I wish I knew that. Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and every other social media network only works if you already have fans. To gain fans you need to be active and interactive. Please note, that doesn’t mean you will get a lot of sales.



I used to be a mommy blogger before becoming a book blogger. To this day I still have my book blog on I only gained a lot of followers by getting the authors that I promoted to have their fans and friends follow me. If I could start over, I would’ve connected with book bloggers from the start and not waste my time on other social networks to gain fans.  Social media is to stay connected to fans, not gain them.



I gained a lot of Facebook friends. Unfortunately the majority of them are authors or aspiring authors. Not very helpful when you want to sell books.



So, in short  I wish I knew about the pitfalls of social media. It’s time consuming, distracting and very hard work! Everyone is going on about how you need to connect with people and show interest in them. It’s part of growing a fan base. Sadly new potential fans want everything for nothing and don’t give a damn about your little book unless there isn’t something in it for them.  Only the ones who are true fans remain loyal and unwavering in their dedication. To get those sort of fans you need to get them to read and LOVE your book like they did mine. Nothing else works.



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