Write like a man!!!


When my publisher told me I wrote like a man it was quite a shock. I mean really?? Was I too crass? Too unemotional? For a moment my bottom lip mopped the floor, but then it was explained in more detail. Based on that my dear Watson, I deduced that men are better at writing. (Not necessarily better writers). See what I did there? hahaha!

Here are my top reasons why men are better at writing and why you should write like a man.

1) Men are focused! They don’t spend an eternity dwelling on a particular scene. There’s no lengthy flashbacks or excruciating detail of the furniture in their scenes. The only reason I did that on my first revision was to add word count, but after my second revision, all descriptions were cut to an acceptable level.

2) Men are selfish! That’s a good thing. They put their “job” as a writer first. Women (especially those with families) will drop what they are writing and tend to their young or lover. GUILTY!!! Women are easily distracted by social networks. Hours are wasted away on Pinterest and they have lengthy conversations with their Facebook friends. They are also more interactive on Twitter and Instagram than men. Men say what they want to say and get it over with. They hardly ever “ooh” and “aah” about another’s posts on any social network. They also have a remarkable ability to say “NO.”

3) Men don’t give up! Women tend to give up in a difficult situation or when they hit a wall. The minute they see their hard work isn’t paying off, they tend to throw in the towel. Men will try a new approach and never quit. They won’t delete the scene because they hit a snag. They will find a way to make it work. They will keep bashing at the wall until their heads bleed or bricks crumble and sales start coming in.

4) Men have better imaginations: Men have a tendency to see the bigger picture. Despite the stereo typical navigational jokes, they really don’t need maps. Their sense of direction is naturally better than women’s. It is the same thing where building is concerned. Women will see a small square foundation, but men already know it will be a sizable space with plenty of room for a bar, lounge suite and big screen TV. Boil it down to their days as hunters or to the fact that they had fewer toys to play with, they have better imaginations and perspective.

5) Men know action! Since they were wee little boys, men have been involved in car chases, explosions and war. Yes it was with their toys, but they got to experience it. Later on some of them experienced the psychological, emotional and physical pain of war, but almost every man had been in a bar fight or school fight. They have lived action. Most women have not.



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