Not many people know, but apart from being an author, I’m a working parent.  Most of the time I’m  a single parent who has to look after two boys and fours dogs whilst dealing with multiple jobs and a dilemma. Here’s the breakdown:

My sons are 10 and 13 years old and both have problems at school. The eldest one is “internally distracted” while the youngest is..well…permanently distracted and borderline OCD about everything.

My four dogs consist of mixed breeds ranging from a viscous puppy to the biggest wimp of a dog yet to meet mankind.

At my full-time day job I’m part of the most profitable and therefore busiest department at a mining supply company. Great news! I work 10 minutes away from home for some awesome bosses. My night time jobs are split between Author, Book Reviewer,  blog tour host, book blogger, reader and Goodreads Librarian. I’m also very active in an Author Association and many online book clubs. I’m also in the process of joining something big!! So shhh!

THEN…Whenever the love of my life is on a business trip, the powers that be decide to become all “testy.” It’s almost like they wait for me to be alone. “Ooh, let’s see how she handle this!” and BAM! an appliance will break or inevitably the pool will go green. There is always some problem I have to deal with.

So, how do I deal with it all?

First off, the kids and I have a strict diet and routine. I look after them in that regard, but how they do their homework and study is left to them. It sounds harsh, but private tutors, extra lessons, educational programs and everything else but drowning them in the kitchen sink has been tried, tested and failed. Independence has done wonders for them.

Secondly, I leave my work at work. I forget about it at night and focus on one thing at a time. I don’t get distracted by Facebook or Pinterest and never get caught up in twitter feeds. My virtual assistant (aka Hootsuite) does the rest while I write. Most of my work is done over the weekend. That leaves me with enough time during the week to interact, support and MAYBE squeeze in some reading. It’s a LOT of work, but I’m a social butterfly! It’s all good.

Finally, I never read or edit my own work until the end. Spending too much time on reading from the start and re-editing before you carry on with the next chapter wastes a lot of time.

What’s your tips?


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