While I was bleeping


I took some time off recently to finish the second book in my series, which is technically my third book. (Man! I wish I could see your expression right now???)

Anywaaayyy… long story short, the writer inside me is very excited about this book. The editor (slash book critic, slash troll) inside me wants me to delete a few more things, bleep a few words here and there,  and make more changes. I fucking hate her!

It’s even more depressing when I think about how my manuscript will soon be off to my real editors at my Publisher’s. My back pain from sitting in front of a computer, my finger tips in agony, the missed moments with my family…all so that they can rip my book to shreds!

Then of course there are my beta readers and proof readers. The good news is that they are from all over the world, so any of my South African little sayings will be clarified and made more internationally understandable before it is lost in “customs.” (pardon the pun)

The bad news is my author’s voice will take a hit for the team. Ja! I know hey!

Whilst I’m doing the final bleeping’s on my draft, I hope that somehow, somewhere I find my inner editor and kill the bitch off like the characters in my books.

My wish for you, is that you channel your inner Stephen King, Anne Rice and John Green to write something you are excited about and not discover you have an inner editor.



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