Hey Big Spender!

Lucille ball

“I’ve got a credit card. Money’s no object”

They say you have to spend money to make money. I say: “What money!!”

We as authors are the epitome of struggling artists, because we spend years working on a project and thousands of our hard earned money on one book alone. My first book cost me 27 000 third world bucks! In real world currency it equates to roughly US $2,500. Now it’s not a lot of money to some, but to me it is double the monthly salary I earn from my day job.

Yet! I don’t regret it. I shall do the same for every book I publish, because as a formally traditionally published author who went Indie, I prefer to splash out on the very things that publishing houses cut costs on. In my experience and humble opinion, the money I spend on my book cover, editing, formatting and marketing of my author brand pays off in the end. Fortunately my very expensive website was an once off and my second, third and hundredth book will cost less as a result.

So to all new authors I say; go ahead and splurge. Get a great book cover. Have a killer website professionally designed. Put the best polished book out there that you can afford. Hire blog tour companies that really promote you, rather than those who just slap your media kit onto their blogs. Create a unique and uniform brand across all social media platforms.


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