My biggest struggle since the release of my first book has been to find the time to write my next books.  With working full time, and the countless other jobs I have at night, it has been impossible to find time! Then, some clever author coined the term that “writer’s don’t need anything but a will to write.” My first instinct was similar to this…


However the more I thought about it, the more it had made sense.

I didn’t need time. I could cut TV or reading out? Perhaps be more pro-active in my other tasks to make time? I could also micro manage my time to open up some space in my daily routine? All that had lacked was my will to do it.  So I got to it. I redesigned my “Ash Cave” into a space that I was excited to work in.  It had also helped that I had banned myself from listening to my favorite music unless I was writing.  With that done, I had bought special treats to reward my writing efforts with, although the treats were long consumed before I had typed my first word. Fortunately as I eat my treats before writing every night, they give me the energy boost to type away frantically. I am now almost done with book 2-4 of my series.

At times, if will escapes and that little devil appears to appeal to my lazy side, I look at the poster I had printed for my Cave wall.  It helps…




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