Capital D Book Cover Final

The company behind my Author Brand, (Book Cover, my brilliant interactive website and my book teasers) merged with several other businesses to become Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd.

For their launch campaign they incorporated several elements and I must say I think they are brilliant. So brilliant that for my next book launch (which they will do the Artwork for again), I might just “borrow” their ideas too!

Things they did that made me ask; “Why hadn’t I thought about that!?”

1) They made a really fun, humorous YouTube video telling us their story. The way they poked fun at themselves was really funny.

2) Some of their campaign pictures have a personal touch and some have the WOW factor. I think what they achieved in terms of their brand’s voice is really good.

This one was my fav! It showed that they have a sense of humor, but the message was short and powerful. They are friendly, available and determined…at least that is what I got out of this.


This, to me, spoke volumes about them. They shared something personal in a very effective metaphor, so that their message was well received rather than made the reader uncomfortable. I think I share the same fear for my brand!!


This is creative genius! They incorporated their slogan into a visual. I wish I could do that!


Again I got the message about their Slogan “Blaze A Trail With Us”, but this time in a completely different way. They didn’t have to write it. This picture is simple. Nothing is “over generated” or exaggerated to “show off” their pc skills. They kept the personal touch and “human element” instead of going high-tech.


3) Rather than using ONLY Social Media for their pictures and adverts, they opted to have their book blog do an exclusive feature too. I had a few blog tours for my book, so I can comfortably say, it works. This is a great idea!

Since they launched today, I am sure there will be plenty more WOW and “WHY??” moments that I haven’t felt yet. I am going to keep my eye out for more ideas to “borrow”. Until then I’m so proud to be a part of their community in some small way.

Good luck Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd!


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