What Authors need

What do Authors want? That’s easy!  They want reviews, book sales and fans to connect with. They work tirelessly on their books and then use all forms of social media to try and reach readers.



But what do they need?

In order for Publishers, Producers, fans and fellow authors to connect with you, you need a professional website!

It is astounding that so many authors don’t have websites and that most who do have websites, have very unprofessional websites. Free website hosting sites offer you very little in terms of design, customization and optimization. Your website needs to “POP” and show your personality. It will not only tell people all they need to know about you and your books, but also show them how popular you are. The more popular you are, the better chance you have of getting that book deal, Screenplay or more fans. The best thing about having a website is that you have a place where all your work and contact links are displayed in one go.  My website has a list of reading devices and places where you can buy my book for your specific reading device. I also have a fully interactive page where readers can ask me questions and I respond.

How do you get a popular website?

  1. Add quality content – not adverts or fluff. Readers also don’t want long winded articles. They want INSTANT GRATIFICATION!
  2. Update your site regularly. The more you post, the better. Link your blog to your site in order to achieve better results.
  3. Make your site intellectually and visually stimulating.  Use pictures and text to convey an informative and entertaining message. A professional website does not need to be boring.
  4. Keep the format of your website simple. You don’t want to overload your website with heavy graphics that will slow down the loading process or disorientate your readers with heavy fonts and an overload of pictures and information on one page.
  5. Use a professional company that can design your website and set up your website for prime SEO optimization. Your website needs to be the first visible link readers see in their search engine results.

If you had wondered where you could get an affordable, professional website from, I can highly recommend the company who designed this blog, my website, book covers & teasers. They are also going to manage my social media for me soon…Wildfire Media (Pty) Ltd


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