Mmmm…What to write next?

It’s funny that while you are writing your masterpiece, you think of all these other great ideas for your next book. I have known authors who had two or three books in their W.I.P at one time. This is all good and well, but do you ever get anywhere?

I normally think of awesome titles or story lines for books while I’m getting my “Ghecko” on in the sun, soaking up a few sunshine D’s. I immediately want to start on them, but then a little voice inside me, reminds me that I already have a W.I.P that I haven’t completed yet. The details of said incomplete book boils down to a symptom of writer’s block with a touch of ADD or whatever the reasons is that I can’t sit still for long.  Fortunately I also have OCD, DDP and TEP. (DDP stand for Doom’s Day Publishers and Tight Editing Principles) See, my publishers are forever moving forward their deadlines with threats of Doom’s Day looming in there somewhere if I don’t meet them. My Tight Editing Principles are self inflicted and sadly part of my nature. Don’t start something until you are not finished with what you are busy with and finish what you started to perfection. (Same thing really)


In moments like that I return to my pending work of art and stare at the screen. It wasn’t until recently when I had heard that authors allow their fans a”live feed” to see what they write (type is more accurate) and allow them to add their input. This has given me new hope. Maybe we have found the cure for writer’s block. After all, it is all about the fans. They will know what they want to happen in the next scene!


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