Mother’s Day Magic anyone?

It’s with great joy that I bring you this amazing Anthology. Some books make you wish you had never learned how to read. These books were not like those! Each story was completely different to the next and on a different topic. The overall theme was about Mothers, but it varied in generation, POV and even in timeframes.  It doesn’t matter if you had a terrible mother or Mother Theresa in your life, these stories are about what makes women the mothers they are and what mothers are all about. Each Author’s unique voice and writing style had a chance to shine, making this the perfect box set not just for Mother’s Day, but as a holiday read or a two week night-time ritual. It will leave you all warm and fuzzy, with the urge to hug the nearest person, or in my case my fluffy beige slipper.

The best part, of course, is that this Anthology raises money for MS, as in Multiple Sclerosis. Not MS as in Microsoft Support.

 So for what my five stars are worth…give it a go! Buy it for your mom, buy it to insult your Mother-in-Law, buy it for YOU!


 Buy Mother's Day Magic …With Love. Support M.S Research at the same time.




– Pamela Richardson: “There I sat … sad that I had read the last word of this anthology because my journey with the authors had ended. And what a journey it was! As I write this review I’m still thinking about that journey and the collective writings of each author’s words that left me with a renewed sense of warmth for the experience.” 
– Al-Khemet Book Club: This is a beautiful collection perfect for mothers everywhere. These stories evoke intense emotions as we’re led to explore a variety of relationships and dilemmas faced by characters. The authors involved deserved to be praised for their great work.” 

– Jersey Girl Book:  “Mother’s Day Magic … With Love is a wonderful collection of twelve stories that honors a very special person in everyone’s life, Mom! The thirteen authors weave unique stories that range from lighthearted romances, to poignant memories, first love and second chances, friends to lovers, to dealing with real life issues … but there is one heartwarming theme that runs through each story, a mother’s unconditional love..





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  1. Thank you Ash Stone for your amazing review and being the host with the most!


    May 7, 2016 at 1:01 pm

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