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Nova Ladies Adventures, Book Three

by Alathia Paris Morgan


Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Julie, while recovering from wounds sustained in the line of duty, discovers she isn’t who she believed herself to be. Her journey into the past, leads her on the path to her future, but there are those who would prefer the past not to resurface. Determined to find out the truth about her family, Julie is in a race to sift through years of secrets before the past has a chance to silence her for good.

“Well, you said you needed to talk, so spill. I’ve got hours to listen, drink coffee, and eat pie.” Allie grinned as she took a sip of her coffee.

“You really should be a cop.” Julie shook her head at Allie’s intuition, and relayed the conversation with her grandmother from earlier in the day.

“I’m very confused. What do I do about this situation?” Julie concluded.

“Do you want to go to Georgia and meet your grandmother?” Allie watched Julie’s face closely.

“Yes, but I feel like I’m betraying Grams. I mean, she’s the one that wants me to go, but doesn’t meeting Mimi Millie lessen all the things she’s done for me over the years?” Julie grimaced in frustration.

“Absolutely not,” Allie exclaimed vehemently. “She will always be your grandmother, and she knew this day would come eventually. It would be good for you to expand your horizons and meet more of your family. Admit it, you might find a handsome man to fall in love with, ’cause Lord knows, you won’t find one here.”

“Allie, I can’t meet a man there. He might be my cousin or uncle, or something weird. There are no men knocking down my door, but I haven’t been overly friendly with guys either.” Julie looked disgusted.

“Julie.” Allie laid a hand on her arm. “There are plenty of men in the entire state of Georgia that aren’t related to you. You just have to be willing to open up and let them get to know the real you.”

“I can’t. As soon as they find out that I carry a gun and run toward danger, guys run in the opposite direction. Besides, if I went out there, it would be to meet my family, not a guy. My life is here,” Julie finished, firmly running out of reasons she couldn’t date a guy.

“Really, your life is here? Where you grew up and know about everyone and their dating histories? Unless you know someplace where they have mail order grooms that don’t need a green card, then you could just order the perfect man,” Allie joked.

“See? This is why I called. I knew it was crazy to go across the country and meet people who might be criminals themselves.”

“Nope, not what I said. Besides, we have serial killers right here. You helped to take one down that you’ve known your whole life, so at least give these new people in your life the benefit of the doubt, okay? They can’t be any worse than the people here in this town.”

“Crap. Why did you have to bring up sensible reasons when I was looking for excuses?” Julie pouted.

“So are you going to tell them you’re coming, or just show up on Mimi Millie’s doorstep?” Allie asked practically.

“I’m going to wait until Grams leaves for church in the morning. She won’t know until she gets home what I’m doing.” Julie pulled out the key to the cedar chest. “I’m going to read through sixty years’ worth of letters before I go traipsing about. I might get all the answers I need and not have to go anywhere.”

“Uh-huh, keep telling yourself that. I’ll just explain it to Justin that you needed to go on an epic adventure and destroy a ring at the top of a mountain.” Allie laughed at the bewildered expression on Julie’s face. “Justin made me watch this movie about a Hobbit who goes on an adventure. He said my movie education was sadly lacking.”

“Oh, I get it now. Haha.” Julie gave her a tight smile.

“All right, that’s it. Get up.” Allie stood abruptly.

“Wait, where are we going?”

“To get you packed for your journey.” Allie collected the trash to dispose of it as they left.

“But I’m not sure if I’m going yet,” Julie protested.

“Julie, do I need to call Megan on her honeymoon?” Allie was referring to their friend who had been chased by a serial killer and poisoned. She was now recovering with her new husband, and wouldn’t want to be disturbed, but the threat of calling her would be enough guilt for Julie to comply.

“No,” Julie whined. “Let’s go.”

Ding-Dong—Is She Dead


After witnessing a Mob murder in NYC, Allie Foster is placed in the witness protection program. Starting a new life in Texas is hard enough—but finding a front door hanging on its hinges while delivering Nova beauty products makes it even more difficult. A grisly trail of blood leads her to a terrifying discover… a body. After a heart-stopping moment of fear, Allie realizes her friend is still alive, although badly beaten. When she rushes Megan to the hospital, it puts Allie right back where she doesn’t need to be—embroiled in yet another mystery.

Allie offers to help her friend protect her daughter, even as a second attempt on Megan’s life reveals her husband will stop at nothing to prove he’s above the law. When it fails again, Megan’s abuser decides to take his anger out on Allie instead. With the help of a handsome stranger, Allie escapes, but now both women are in danger. Justin Greenley, the gallant protector, offers them a safe haven until the would-be murderer is caught. His family’s ranch seems the idyllic choice, but Allie isn’t sure if she should trust Justin with her life… even if her heart tells her she should.

Death by Poison


After surviving an abusive husband, Megan Butts wants nothing more than a fresh start with her daughter Sally. She’s grateful for their home at the ranch, pitching in whenever she’s not working on her new Nova business. When she offers to clean out a cabin on the property, she uncovers more than she bargained for in a stack of old diaries.

Her tentative relationship with Mark Greenley takes a nosedive when Megan starts to investigate his mother’s death by supposed suicide, uncovering a trail of hidden money and blackmail twenty-five years in the making. Mark doesn’t want to dredge up the past, but Megan is determined to dig deeper, despite her overwhelming urge to give into her inclinations to obey men, a lesson her ex tried to beat into her. When the mystery starts to endanger not only her life, but the life of her daughter, Megan must decide if her new love and life are worth the pursuit of justice.

Alathia is known to those around her for having an a long time love affair/obsession with Dr. Pepper, she has asked to be buried with a can so that it never runs out in the after life. Always bossy, she uses her mothering instincts to help others and share awareness of abuse in child and domestic situations.

A B.S. in History and English gave wings to her vivid imagination in book form. A supportive and loving husband has given her the chance to make her dreams a reality. Their three daughters and three dogs keep her busy while writing is a great way for her to wind down and destress.





Ink Series Book 4

by Jude Ouvrard


Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: JC Clarke (The Graphics & Formatting Shed)

Editor: RE Hargrave

Kyle Layne has it all figured out. The perfect life, including a future with his dream woman, is in his grasp. Each day filling with more happiness than the one before, he couldn’t ask for a better existence.

But fate has other plans.

Like lightning from the heavens, Kyle’s dream turns into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Lost, and filled with pain and anger, his once perfect life now resembles a broken mirror—shattered.

With the help of his best friend Levi, he finds a ray of hope in the depths of darkness. Kyle’s fragile shell is transformed into a work of art, freeing his mind and soul for a chance at a new future while memorializing his sacred past forever in ink. Kyle’s dream has died, but life starts making sense again after his tattooing career takes off and strong friendships help rebuild his sanity… until a one-night stand flips his world upside down, that is.

Can Kyle risk his battered heart in Destiny’s untrustworthy hands? After so much loss, does he dare to dream again?

There was a girl watching me from the other end of the bar. I didn’t know if she was playing games, but her flirting was obvious from miles away. Not that my taste could be trusted, but she was hot. Her dark hair and dark skin had something exotic. Of course, after this much vodka, almost any girl in the place could’ve led me on.

I nodded, hoping she didn’t want to talk—because I wasn’t having any of that—and she smiled. These days it all came down to sex. Why talk when I had no intention of seeing them again? No feelings whatsoever, no strings attached… just raw sex. Plain and simple.

“’Ello,” she said.

“Hey,” I answered before drinking my vodka like water.

“Wanna get out of here?” Her thick accent had me smiling.

“Of course.”

As quick as that we were outside. I followed her to her place, which was a studio of some sort. It was small, very small. She closed and locked the door behind me, and then started throwing her clothes on the floor.

Wow! Hell, she isn’t wasting time.

Her long dark hair hid her breasts as her eyes dared me to come forward. To claim her. There was something about the colors of her eyes which took me by complete surprise, though. One seemed brownish-green, while the other was just green. What the hell?

“Come on, hot stuff. Are we going to get started, or what?”

“Alright, alright.”

Once I’d taken my clothes off, she pushed me down on the mattress. “Look. I had a shit flight, and I’m exhausted. Let’s get rolling.”

This was the first time I’d been with a girl who came off colder than me. It felt different, and somehow made me unsure. She was sure of what she wanted, though.

My back pressed into her cold, black sheets while she crawled on top of me, taking charge as if I were a toy. She was chewing me up, not leaving me time to process anything or enjoy this. Karma, I guess, for all the times I’d played this same old game with women—flirt with them, fuck them, and then leave them without a goodbye. This time, though, the girl had a plan of her own, and not having anything better to do, I gave myself to her.

Several drinks past tipsy and more than turned on, I decided enough, that it was time to take back the power in her bed. After all, I’d had a rough day, too. Hell, I’d had rough days ever since… yeah, ever since I lost my soul.

Fueled by my pain, yet again, I gave her everything in me. All the roughness and lust. Turned out we had some kind of chemistry. Her dark tresses were all over the damn bed. She was a black fucking panther, a wild animal.

Why am I analyzing her so damn much anyway? I never care about who… I promised I would never care again.

Writhing and moving together, the sexual tension between us kept rising. My toes curled while my fingers gripped her hair and I worked to keep this going until I couldn’t anymore. Her once perfect bed had turned into a mess of sweat, tangled sheets, and exhausted bodies.

Who am I kidding?

This woman was something else.

Using my arm and legs, I held her in place against my chest after we’d both climaxed, until she got out of bed without saying anything.

“Who are you?” I asked, my voice laced with sarcasm. The girls I’d met were never so emotionally detached.

“Tiff. You?”

“I’m K.”

“Well, K. I’m going for a shower. It’s been real, thanks.”

Is she really kicking me out?

“Can you lock the door on your way out?”

Shit, she is.

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As an editor, sometimes working through a manuscript becomes technical, and you don’t necessarily get “sucked in.” With Forever in Ink, I found myself having to stop reading to go back and edit. And, yes, I cursed Ms. Ouvrard a couple of times for making my heart race… in both good and bad ways. Kyle’s story is as heartbreaking as it is uplifting. Everyone deserves a second chance.

#EditorApproved ~ RE Hargrave

Body, Ink, and SoulMusic, Ink, and LoveInk Me More

“Drama, true love, tattoos…and everything in between!”

Jude Ouvrard is an author who writes from the heart, and reads with passion and devotion. Jude enjoys stories of drama, true love, tattoos, and everything in between. While writing is her therapy, reading is her solace. Life doesn’t get better than books and chocolate, and maybe a little bit of shopping.

A romance lover, Jude writes about love, pain, heartbreak and matters that will challenge your heart. A book can tell an unexpected story, no matter which directions it takes. Jude embraces words that have haunted her for years.

Jude is a working mom who dedicates her time to a law firm and writing books. She has an energetic superhero son, and a supportive boyfriend of many years. Her family is her rock; she could not survive without them. Born a country girl, she transformed into a city woman who now lives in Montreal, Canada. Although French is her first language, Jude decided to write in English because she liked the challenge.




Shelter Me – Book 1
Release Date: JULY 17, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Design by: Tattered Quill Designs





Everyone needs a little sanctuary…


Isla knew her life wasn’t perfect. Planning to escape her controlling boyfriend, her getaway hits a snag when a pair of pink lines show up on a pregnancy test. Her exit goes from want to necessity.


Levi just needs an accountant. Someone smart, dependable, and someone who won’t blow town and leave him in the lurch. When a pretty but battered woman falls into his arms, he can’t help but offer her the job.


When an unexpected death rocks this small Colorado town, Isla can’t help but wonder if her past somehow followed her to the one place she’s felt like home.


Some sanctuaries aren’t as safe as they appear.





**iBooks preorder coming soon!





Her lips parted as if she was going to answer me before slamming closed. When she spoke again, though, it wasn’t to answer my question at all.
“Your bookkeeper? So you’re Levi Grady? The man Constance at the diner told me to talk to about a job. Of course, I punched you in the chest. Awesome,” she muttered more to herself than to me. “So, I’m going to go and pretend this whole day didn’t happen. Maybe hole up in a hotel room until the true breadth of my stupidity isn’t plastered all over my face for the whole world to see. Good to meet you, Mr. Grady. Sorry again for the trouble.”
She did a quick U-turn, and the dark chocolate of her hair swinging with her, fanning out to smack me in the face. She didn’t wear perfume – a blessing and a curse – but the fragrance of her shampoo mixed with her natural scent made me want to trail after her like a lost puppy. She was adorably awkward and more than a little funny.
I resisted the urge to grab her arm, knowing full well she was a wounded animal in the most basic of senses. She needed help, maybe some understanding, and I just couldn’t let her go without saying something.
“The job’s still open, you know,” I called to her back, “If you’d be willing to walk to the diner with me for some coffee, I’d be glad to talk requirements and pay. Discuss your qualifications. At this point, I’d just be happy with someone who could properly add and subtract.”
She looked over her shoulder sizing me up again. Something on my face must have convinced her because I got a terse nod and she waited while I caught up, sliding her shades down to cover her eyes.
“What’s your name? You know mine, but I didn’t get yours.”
“Isla. My name is Isla.”
It was pretty, fitting for a woman like her. She couldn’t be older than twenty-five.
“You got a last name, Isla?”
“Yeah, it’s Young,” she replied as she flitted her eyes to mine and then bit into her full bottom lip. Even behind her aviators, I knew she was lying.
“That isn’t your real last name is it?” I murmured, calling her out before I got too deep in whatever the hell this was.
“No, but it’ll be on the ID I give you, and it’ll clear the national databases, so it’s the only one you’re gonna get. Is that a problem?”


About the Author:
Annie Anderson is a military wife and United States Air Force veteran. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she is a southern girl at heart, but has lived all over the US and abroad. As soon as the military stops moving her family around, she’ll settle on a state, but for now she enjoys being a nomad with her husband, two daughters, an old man of a dog, and a young pup that makes life… interesting.
In her past lives, Annie has been a lifeguard, retail manager, dental lab technician, accountant, and now she writes fast-paced romantic thrillers with some serious heat.
Connect with Annie:




Dreaming in Words

by Maggie Lowe

Genre: Women’s Poetry

Publisher: Hydra Productions

Cover Designer: Chandra TruLove Fry


This is a collection of poems straight from the heart of Maggie Lowe. Some will bring you to tears, and some will light your face with a smile. They will touch your heart and warm your soul.

Author Maggie Lowe has been writing ever since she was able to pick up a pencil. As a child she could create worlds of all kinds. At the age of eight she wrote her first song. When she was thirteen she wrote her first fan-fiction story. At the age of twenty-five she wrote her first book that she hopes to publish someday soon. And now, at the age of thirty-three she published her first poetry book. Now she is currently working on several WIPs and looks to the future full of hope and excitement for what’s to come!

EDGE OF DANGER @HerCountryGirl


Edge Of Danger
Shattered Lives Series; Book 6
Publish Date: May 25, 2018
Genre: Psychological Thriller/ Suspense




Cooking With Love (Shaded With Love Volume 6)
Publish Date: July 1, 2018
Covers/Pages Design by: Jessica Hildreth




Dark Destinies, Book 3

by S.K. Ryder

Genre: Dark Paranormal Romantic Fantasy

Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing


A reluctant new Lord of Night. His vulnerable human queen. If they can’t change five thousand years of history now, it will change them. Forever.

Fate has cast vampire Dominic Marchant and the human love of his life, Cassidy Chandler, into roles they never imagined. Thanks to his mad sire, he is now the Lord of Night, and Cassidy, with her unique ability to merge her mind with his, has become the incongruous mortal queen of his immortal kingdom. Even as he dreams of seeing the sun again and she can’t imagine becoming a vampire, they vow to reshape their domain into a world where vampires feed on love rather than fear and leave their prey swooning instead of dead.

But not all their subjects are pleased with the change in leadership. A powerful ancient vampire and his cadre of followers serve Dominic his greatest challenge yet just when reclaiming the day looks like a real possibility. Soon friends turn up in ashes, and Cassidy and his human family become targets in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse that leads them and their unlikely, vampire-hunting allies deep into the wilds of the Canadian Rockies—and straight into their worst nightmares.

With their lives and the very existence of the world of night hanging in the balance, Dominic and Cassidy must decide whether to chase an impossible dream or finally embrace their dark destiny.


The vault door in the vestibule unsealed. A vampire appeared and stood with his arms draped over the decorative gate, his unshaven face split by a lecherous grin that made Jackson rise from his chair in alarm.

“Cassidy.” Serge’s baritone voice purred with appreciation. “You ordered takeout.” Unlike his lord and master who still digested the events of the day, Serge had no idea what the human was doing there.

“Be nice,” she said. “He comes bearing gifts.”

“Oh, yes, he does.” Serge unlatched the gate and sauntered across the kitchen, barefoot and rumpled, his curly caramel hair sticking out in every direction, the vampire equivalent of a man in search of coffee.

Jackson glared at him. “Sleeping with the boss now? You’ve come up in the world.”

“Sleeping? No. Not I.” Serge puffed out his barrel chest with pride. “I stand guard over my lord.”

His lordship materialized beside Serge and delivered a gentle slap to the back of his head. “More like lie guard flat on your back,” he said in his lyrical French accent.

Serge growled much as the cat had earlier. “But I am always with you.”

“I know,” Dominic concurred with a dramatic sigh. “There is no getting rid of you.”

“And you are glad for it, blood-child. Admit it.”

Cassidy smiled at their antics. Tall, lean and grace incarnate, Dominic was the polar opposite of both the stocky Serge and muscle-bound Jackson. Even dressed in his usual exercise pants and T-shirt, both black, few would mistake him for the ordinary man of twenty-seven he had been when he was turned into a blood-drinker. Carved cheekbones and a knife-blade nose dominated his profile, and his expressive mouth could instill terror as easily as convey gentle humor. Not to mention bestow mind-blowing kisses.

But it was the eyes that were the most striking thing about him. Their quiet depths missed nothing and could flash from warm and beguiling to full black and disturbing in the space of a heartbeat. Gold flecks danced in the hazel irises now as he looked at her.

“Bonjour, mon amour,” he murmured and held out his hand.

“Bonjour,” she said, moving into his embrace.

The world around them fell away, and they stood together in the sunlight streaming through the foyer just as she remembered it. He rubbed the back of her neck with his thumb while she nuzzled into his thick hair, inhaling his heady youngling scent of winter on the cusp of spring, clean and earthy and full of warm promise.

“Indeed. He brings gifts,” Serge said, pulling them back to the moment.

Uh oh, she thought.

His tone had lost its swagger and turned dreamy. It meant he saw ‘shadows’ in the aura of whoever he was looking at, or impressions of the future. When Serge had his visions, disjointed and insubstantial as they were, something always changed.

Often not for the better.

Though Dominic appeared unconcerned, Cassidy felt the tension skitter through him, too. Neither of them dared to interrupt Serge as he studied Jackson with an intense interest that no longer had anything to do with his warm blood. The human man returned the stare, his hands wrapped over the back of the bar stool as though preparing to pick it up and use it as a weapon.

Serge turned to look at Dominic with a wide, gap-toothed grin of wonder. Then he chuckled. The gleeful sound was entirely worthy of the pirate he had been in life.

Oui?” Dominic prompted. “Did he bring a good gift?”

Serge laughed.

Jackson offered a tentative smile. “I suspect you’ll like it.”

And just like that Serge stopped laughing.

In a flash he was by Jackson’s side, his eyes bugging out of their sockets. “Beware the fire,” he whispered on a hiss that made Cassidy’s skin crawl.

Jackson took a hasty step back.

“Beware the fire,” Serge repeated, now looking at Dominic. Then he laughed uproariously and disappeared.

Dominic closed his eyes and struggled for patience.

“What…was that?” Jackson said.

Cassidy rubbed the chill out of her arms. “That was Serge. You remember him, don’t you? Vampire you tried so hard to kill?”

Discomfort tightened his mouth as he looked away.

Dominic moved forward and placed his hands on the edge of the green granite counter top as he faced Jackson. “So did you bring me fire, Jackson?” His gaze darkened as he let the vampire rise and his senses expand.

Looking through his eyes, Cassidy saw that Jackson had changed more than she realized. His aura, once muddy red with anger, had brightened into the powerful crimson of a man whose mind and purpose were clear.

Jackson took a deep breath and pressed a fingertip onto the little black case. “In a way.”

Dominic tilted his head, brows drawing together. “This is from the lab?”

“Yes, it is.”

The lab. The Striker Foundation’s clandestine research facility, staffed with bright scientific minds compelled by Dominic to maintain absolute secrecy. The lab existed for one reason, and one reason only, and it was this now that caused Dominic and Cassidy to become stone-still with anticipation.

“They did it, Dominic. They found a way. You can have the sun again.”


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Dark Heart of the Sun

His future is already written…in her blood.

Rookie journalist Cassidy Chandler wakes to an ugly bruise on her neck, a hole in her memory, and a fiancé who seems to know more about what happened than he’s telling. It’s enough to make Cassidy call off the engagement and move out, even if that means trading a posh South Florida mansion for a dilapidated beach house. Unfortunately, she also trades one devious man for another questionable character in her unexpected new roommate: the darkly enigmatic and exasperatingly French Dominic Marchant.

For Dominic Marchant secrecy is a matter of survival. As a newborn vampire with dangerous enemies, he’s sure the headstrong young woman invading his lair with an unknown vampire’s mark on her throat is about to get him killed. But the charming Cassidy resists his every effort to make her leave and even embroils him in her own tumultuous life. Before he knows it, she has stolen his heart and helps him rediscover his lost humanity. Now he’s fighting to protect her not only from the ancient vampires hunting him, but also from his own deadly desire for her.

But her secretive ex isn’t done with her yet, and neither is the dark prophecy Cassidy and Dominic’s unlikely relationship has set in motion. Together they are swept up in a battle where nothing is as it seems, love and deception are the weapons of choice, and the only way to survive is to risk everything–for each other.

Dark Lord of the Night

The only thing standing between a new vampire and eternal darkness is the fragile mortal woman who claims his heart.

Youngling vampire Dominic Marchant struggles to master his deadly instincts as he hunts the urban jungles of South Florida. He keeps his hunger confined to the blood of the guilty with help from Cassidy Chandler, a human woman who can literally touch his soul. Their love is his last remaining tether to humanity, which is tested beyond endurance when powerful forces from his past introduce him to terrifying new appetites he could never have imagined.

His efforts to protect Cassidy from the depravity overtaking him push their relationship to the brink of shattering. Refusing to give up on the man who is her heart, she takes an unthinkable gamble to save him. But is she fulfilling an ominous prophecy that ensnares them both? Or has she become just another pawn in a cunning game played by the five-thousand-year-old vampire who claims Dominic as his own?

Desperate to rescue her from a fate worse than death, Dominic strikes a perilous bargain with his greatest enemies only to face an impossible choice–embrace his darkest self…or destroy the woman he cannot live without.

S.K. Ryder is a software developer by day, a scribe by night and answers to Susan any time. She writes the type of stories she loves to read: heart-pounding adventures full of supernatural mysteries and relationships between strong, compelling characters. Though she calls South Florida home, she has also lived in Germany and Canada and has traveled widely, usually in the hot pursuit of wild and scenic nature. When not debugging code, complicating her characters’ lives or plotting her next rafting adventure down the Grand Canyon, she can be found beach combing, scuba diving, sailing or just hanging out with a good book. When push comes to shove, she can also bake a halfway decent cake and stand on her head, though not at the same time.



Prize: Signed paperback of Dart Heart of the Sun & Dark Lord of the Night (books 1 & 2 of the Dark Destinies series)



Happily Ever After Romance

Genre: Contemporary Romance

With this ring I thee wed, says the groom, and the bride smiles, always beautiful, always dreaming of a happy future. Whether she is young or not that young, a hopeless romantic or an Ice Queen, a vocalist or an attorney, a mail-order bride or a poker-bet fiancée, a single mom or a stay home mother and widow, our bride dreams of love and passion, and a walk down the aisle.

Celebrate true love and commitment with SWEET and SASSY WEDDINGS, nine breathtaking stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors, all award-winning authors.


MOTHER’S DAY BABIES, Mona Risk, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Powerful TV News Director, Lou Roland, is certainly not marriage material, yet he wants Barbara in his arms. Not an easy task when his pretty confidante, a widow from Kentucky, proves so difficult to date, unless he follows her rules.

A KISS BENEATH A STRAWBERRY MOON, Tamara Ferguson, Multi-Award-winning author: Vocalist Marielle McKinnon and composer Drew Kendall find love one magical summer after a Kiss Beneath A Strawberry Moon. But when Drew is injured in Iraq and refuses to contact Marielle, who’s become a star, will their love survive?

SECOND CHANCE BRIDE, Joan Reeves, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: Constance is the Ice Queen—can Alex find a way to melt the ice around her heart?

NIGHTFALL, Rebecca York, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: What happens when a macho virgin homesteader meets his mail-order bride?

HOLD ‘EM, Jacquie Biggar, USA Today bestselling author: In the game of love all bets are off. When professional poker player Matthew Shaughnessy wins the pot of a lifetime, he didn’t expect to land himself a fiancée.

THE YOU-CAN’T-MAKE-ME BRIDE, Leanne Banks, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author: [Spicy]. When attorney Jenna Jean Anderson needs emergency orthopedic surgery from her childhood nemesis Dr. Stanley Michaels, unexpected attraction flares between them. But can their passion transform to the forever love of their secret dreams?

HIS SACRED VOW, Susan Jean Ricci, Award Winning, Bestselling Author: Abandoned with a baby on the way, Melanie Kirk swears never again to be taken in by a guy’s superficial words, or allow any other diversions to interfere with her responsibilities – enter Taylor Hutchins, a diversion with a capital D.

FINDING LOVE, Natalie Ann, Award-Winning author: What happens when a hopeless romantic falls for a cynical romance writer? Erik is determined to convince Sheldon that what she’s believed her whole life might actually be false.

THE BRIDE WORE LEATHER, Suzanne Jenkins, Multi-Award-winning author: After Oscar rescued Lisa from a marriage to the wrong guy, they’ll make up lost time together.


AmazonAmazon Int’lGoodreads


Mona lives in South Florida and has traveled to more than eighty countries on business or vacation. She writes contemporary romances, medical romance, romantic suspense, and paranormal fantasy. Sprinkled with a good dose of humor, her stories are set in the fascinating places she visited or more simply at home.


Writing steamy yet sweet compassionate stories of fate that are wonderfully romantic, Tamara Ferguson is the multi-award winning, #1 international bestselling author of 8 #1 books and novellas in the Tales of the Dragonfly Romance Suspense Series, the Kissed By Fate Series, and the Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Series.

Her wounded warrior romances, Two Hearts Unspoken. Two Hearts Surrendered, and Two Hearts Undone were all winners at the 2016 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards; with Two Hearts Unspoken earning the Silver Medal in Military Fiction. Two Hearts’ Christmas Wish, the fourth story in the series, just spent 6 consecutive weeks at #1 in the Mistletoe Kisses & Christmas Wishes romance set. Two Hearts Surrendered was just announced as a Romance Selection for the 2016 New Apple Book Awards.

Along with the 2015 Romance Reviews Readers’ Choice Award Winner That Unforgettable Kiss, Two Hearts Surrendered and Two Hearts Unspoken were also finalists for the 2016 IAN Book of The Year. Tales of the Dragonfly In Tandem was a romance finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards, while Tales of the Dragonfly In Flight was a romance suspense winner at the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards.

Since she remains a full-time caregiver for an autistic son (along with a bunch of adopted pets!), you can usually find Tammy working at home, where she spends a lot of time not completing her numerous home improvement projects, because she’s writing or helping author friends promote their books on twitter.


Joan Reeves is a New York Times and a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance. Her novels have been published in a half dozen languages, and her ebooks are available at most ebook sellers with audio book and print editions also available. Several of her books are available in French editions through her publisher in France.

When not writing romance—or nonfiction to share what she has learned in life—Joan divides her time between the hustle and bustle of Houston and a house in the Texas Hill Country. At their country house, Joan and her hero, her husband, attempt to grow wine grapes and fruit trees—all while fighting hordes of marauding gophers, skunks, deer, fox, and the occasional copperhead snake.

Joan lives the philosophy that is the premise of all of her romance novels: “It’s never too late to live happily ever after.”


A master of paranormal romantic suspense, Rebecca York is the author of over 150 books. A New York Times and USA Today best-seller, she has written paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intrigue. Her romantic-suspense series, Decorah Security, is set at a detective agency where agents have paranormal powers or work paranormal cases. She also writes an Off-World series where each story is a science fiction romance taking place on a distant planet in the far future.

Ruth and her husband travel frequently to research settings for novels and taste new dishes for cookbooks. Her many unique experiences are apt to end up in her books–like the time she encountered a coral snake in the Guatemalan jungle or took a flight in a glider plane.


Jacquie Biggar is a USA Today bestselling author of Romantic Suspense who loves to write about tough, alpha males who know what they want, that is until they’re gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them what they really need is love. She is the author of the popular Wounded Hearts series and has just started a new series in paranormal suspense, Mended Souls.

She has been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoys writing romance novels that end with happily-ever-afters.

Jacquie lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her family and loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. She swears she can’t function without coffee, preferably at the beach with her sweetheart. 🙂


Leanne Banks is a national #1 best-selling author of romance novels. She is the winner of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Awards in Series Sensuality and Love and Laughter. She is also the winner of the Florida Writers Beacon Award, the Golden Quill Award, the Georgia Romance Writers’ MAGGIE Award and Booksellers’ Best Award. Her books have been recognized by the Award of Excellence Contest, the Romance Writers of America Rita Contest, and the National Readers’ Choice Awards.

Leanne is a popular speaker to many kinds of groups. One of her workshops was featured on the CBS Morning Show. Drop Leanne an email if you would like to find out more about having Leanne speak to your group.

Leanne believes her readers work hard on the job and for their families, so she tries to lighten the load with stories featuring a strong sense of fun, emotion and sensuality. Reader response is heartwarming. One of her favorite letters was from a woman who had been suffering severe health problems: “[Your books] did more for my health that all the medicine in the world — as corny as this sounds, [your heroes] made me feel like life is `worth it’.”

Leanne lives in Virginia with her family. She loves music, chocolate, quotes, and new adventures.


An Award-Winning, From Women’s Pens Author, and Humorist, Susan Jean Ricci is best known for her Cindy’s Crusades Series, starring the hilarious duo Cindy and Jay DeMatteo. These cherished characters are first introduced in the novel Dinosaurs and Cherry Stems, and return to entertain you in the sequel The Sugar Ticket. Their mischief making continues in these shorts Two Miracles for Christmas, A Valentine’s Day to Remember, and The Blind Seer.

Ms. Ricci’s Christmas stories and novellas have been published in the beloved Annie Acorn Christmas Treasuries 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Other selections appear in Annie Acorn’s Romance 2015 Treasury, Annie Acorn’s Romance Treasury 2016, and Annie Acorn’s Spirited Tales 2015. All may be purchased as stand alone stories, as well as other her titles, including those smoking, hot novellas available in Ms. Ricci’s catalogue, The My Sexy Chef Series.

More recently, Ms. Ricci’s When Sailors Play has been included in Uvi Poznansky’s Bestselling Anthology Love in Times of War. Her current tales are offered in the following anthologies Unforgettable Heroes – Unforgettable Passion, and Sweet Heat – Where Love & Suspense Meet.

Susan and her husband Joe live in a beautiful town near the sea, and when time allows, they love to travel. Together they have seven children and ten grandchildren.


Natalie Ann lives in Upstate NY with her husband and teenage son. She has always had a love for books, especially romance and happy ever after. She’s written the Road Series and the All Series based in the Capital Region of New York. She is currently writing the Lake Placid Series located in the Adirondacks of New York.


Suzanne Jenkins writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women’s fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. The Detroit Detective Stories, beginning with The Greeks of Beaubien Street are a reflection of American fantasy with historical reality. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads. A retired operating room nurse, Jenkins lives in Southern California.


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FLASHPOINT @HerCountryGirl

A Rescue Series Novella; Book 3
Publish Date: June 26, 2018
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Cover Design by: MadHat Books
Photography: CJC Photography
When danger comes calling, he answers.
My Oath never dies. I gave it willingly. I served my country with love and honor. When my time with the Navy was over, I came home and started a new journey.
My brothers and I protect and serve our community. We are the men in blue who protect the ones who cannot protect themselves.
Kennedy needs me to be that man for her and be that man I shall be.
I never thought I would be that girl – the one who has lost her way in the world. He did that to me. He took it all away, and now I’m fighting to stay in control of my life.
My will to be me was taken away. Until Max came back into my life. He took a broken, shell of a woman and made her whole again.
My love for him will never fade.
Maximus’s POV
“Go! Go! Go!”
The command blared through the headset as the the battering ram slammed against the hotel’s ballroom door. There were shouts from every side of the room.
“Get down!”
“Run, Harvey!”
Go! Go! Go!”
Men shouted as they invaded the room, guns drawn. The sound of gunshots echoed in the large room and tables crashed to the floor aspeople dove for cover. One woman fainted and another screamed. The bad guy shouted as he held his semi automatic at waist height. Bullets filled the room in a noisy spray.
“Oh for fuck’s sake!” Rooster shouted. “This is ridiculous!”
I snorted.
I agreed with him, my head shaking as I stood up. Who picked this damn movie to watch? Didn’t they know you couldn’t watch this made for TV crap with a room full of cops? Let alone a room filled with retired Military men who were now cops. This stupid ass movie really wasn’t helping my bad mood. I needed to go shoot something. Or possibly hit someone. Maybe both. Sad thing is, violence like that always made me feel better.
“You know someone in Hollywood really needs to learn how to make a fucking movie that’s not complete crap.”
“Why didn’t we watch one of the Die Hards, or even one of the Lethal Weapons? At least they were mostly accurate. This fucking sucks.”
“Someone needs to tell them that’s not how a fucking SWAT team does shit. Who goes in with their muzzles towards the ceiling? What the hell were they smoking when the wrote this shit?” Kelly said, tossing a fist full of chips at the TV.
“Hey, asshole! Pick that shit up. This ain’t your fucking house,” I ground out. I mean, come on. Tantrums, much?
“That is bullshit. At least they got it somewhat right on NCIS, or even better, Criminal Minds. This crap here.. it’s just crap,” Preston said.
“Don’t forget Saw. Them boys moved like they had some skills in the third one.” We all looked at Tony.
I shook my head again as a chuckle escaped me. I moved out of the room, down my hall to the closet, and grabbed the vacuum cleaner. I came back into the room and dropped it a little too hard on the floor in front of Kelly.
“Dude!” he exclaimed.
I pointed to the floor. A few of the guys laughed as I raised a brow at him.
“Come on, asshole.”
“This is not a Frat House. Clean it up.” I walked away and moved back into my large kitchen. I hated messes. My OCD was not a fan of it, and they all knew it, so before I hauled off and hit him, I walked away. He was the newbie. I’d cut him some slack, this time. I needed to shake off this bad mood.
“You alright, man?” I looked up, lifted my chin at Hunter and shrugged.
“Yeah, I guess.”
“You still thinking about what happened with Kennedy?”
“I can’t get this girl off my mind. I fucked up bad, man. I still can’t believe I lost it like that. I’ve never been so mad, and out of it like that before.”
“She’ll come around, man. So you overreacted when you saw a man grab her ass. You lost your temper, acted like a total jackass-”
“I was there!” I snarled. My grip tightened on the bottle of water in my hand. The images of that asshole’s hand cupping her ass… I shook my head and tossed the bottle into the sink and stepped out the screen door. I moved to sit on the top step that would lead out of my house to the beach below.
“I think it’s time to leave, fellas. We appreciate your business. Please, come again.” I heard what Kennedy had said. Each word was soft, but held an air of authority. She slapped the ticket on their table and turned to move back to another table. The table of men just laughed and started talking loud. The asshole closest to her grabbed her by the ass and pulled her into him.
“Let go of me!” Kennedy hissed as she shoved back from the man. He gripped her tighter. No, not on my watch, motherfucker. I was up from my table before I knew what was happening. He had touched her inappropriately. He had touched what was mine. Dammit! I was ready to skin the fucker. My arm wrapped around Kennedy. I moved her out of the the way and planted my fist in the side of his face.
He cried out like a fucking girl as I hit him again. Blood fell from his now busted lip. My ring left an impression above the split. I smirked, and  was ready to hit him again when one of the boys grabbed me and pulled me back.
“Max, stop!” Hunter said, getting right up in my face. “Chill, man.”
“Maximus!” I heard Jenn’s voice before I saw her.
My sister may be small, but she was scary as a demon when she was mad. She stormed over, pushed Hunter to the side, and was poking at my chest in two seconds flat. Her voice could have split glass. She was pissed and yelling at me to back off. She wasn’t the only one yelling at me. I looked up, trying to find Kennedy. Once I did,  my gaze met hers, and I saw that she had tears in her eyes even as she glared at me.
“I had this under control, dammit. Max-” Kennedy trailed off, walked away and moved to the back of the restaurant.
I fought to get free of the hands that grabbed me when I started to move. Fuck that dude, I had to go get my girl. I hurried to follow after her. Outside the back door I found her pacing the alleyway and cursing me, in two languages. Maybe three.
I moved to her and took her by the elbow.
She swung around, facing me.
“I’m sorry. He touched-”
“Don’t! Don’t you dare try to defend that… that… what the hell is wrong with you? I told you.. God, Max, I told you. I told you flat out, I was not going to stand for this jealous neanderthal shit you boys like to pull on women. I won’t ever change my mind about that. I can’t. Not again.”
Without another word she walked away from me, without ever looking back. I wasn’t even allowed to explain my reaction. I loved her, that was why I had done that. Now I had done the one thing she asked me to never do. I had turned into her ex. With an about face, I put my fist into the wall closest to me. A growl of frustration filled the alleyway before I stalked off. I needed to calm down, before I went back inside and really beat the shit out of that fucking punk.
Pulling myself from that night’s memories, I knew what I had to do. I needed to figure out a way to get my girl back. Not to have her pissed to the point of violence.
Maybe I overreacted. It’s possible. Maybe, but then again, maybe not. I don’t share – no man with a lick of sense in his head would. No matter who the fucktard was.
She was mine, dammit.
I don’t know how long I sat out there, letting the breeze cool off my frazzled nerves. I was finally feeling calm and put together, but that changed quickly. The moment I heard Rooster call out, I was on my feet.
“Max, we got a call. Move your ass!”
“Sitrep?” I asked as I came in. I moved to the closet and pulled out my bag.
“Disturbance at the Magnolia.” I cursed as I moved out the door and toward my Jeep. We loaded up in various vehicles and hightailed it to the compound.
A disturbance at the Magnolia. Fuck! Had he gotten to her because I wasn’t there to stop him? Son of a bitch! This was why I had been there to keep her safe.
“Are the girls there?” I asked as I took a corner.
“Don’t know yet. It was called in by someone walking past. They heard gunfire and screaming.” I beat the palm of my hand against the steering wheel. I pushed the button on my handsfree and waited. It just rang and rang.
“Come on kid, answer the fucking phone,” I griped. The click of someone picking up made my heart stop. “Jelly bean?”
“Ma-max!” Her voice was muffled, but I heard the crack of emotion.
“Jesus, fuck. Where are you?” I asked as we pulled into the compound parking lot. “Jenn?” There was a brush of fabric against the phone, which cause my inner demon to come to the surface. If someone hurt my sister I would rip them to pieces with my bare hands. I flipped the handsfree to my bluetooth and popped it into my ear. “Jennifer, you answer me, dammit!”
“What’s going on?” Hunter asked as he followed us into the compound. The doors clicked shut behind us. I swiped my badge through the lock and we moved further into the building.
“Max, Kennedy’s hurt. I can’t stop the bleeding.”
“What?” All I got was silence. As the guys and I hurried to get geared up, I tried to get more from my sister. “Jenn, kid, you gotta tell me. What the fuck is happening here?”
“She- Oh God, she saved me from him. He hit her. She hit a table. Her head is bleeding.”
“Jenn, where are you?” There was more rustling before I heard glass breaking in the background. Fuck! “Jennifer!” I hissed.
“Ma-Max.. Office…”
The line went dead and my heart stopped. What the hell had just happened? I grabbed my gun, strapped it around me and slammed the door to the gun cage. I didn’t slow, not even to check on my team, as I made my way to the bus. I knew they’d be right behind me anyway. We had to get there and get the girls, and anyone else in there, out.
I only prayed we made it to them in time.
Shattered Lives Series
My Own Nightmare / Somewhere I Belong / Shatter Me Whole /
Sparks Of Deception / Living In Your Hell / Edge of Danger
The Cowboy Way Series
Wrangled By Love
A Rescue Series Novella
A Marshal’s Courage
Her Savior
Primal Darkness
Through The Eyes of Madness (w/KA Graham)
Shifting Shadows
Dirty Fairy Tales Anthology – What Big Teeth
The Parlour Anthology – Ultimate Control
Coloring Books
Shaded With Love: A Coloring Book for a Cause Vol 5

~Meet Barb Shuler~
I’m a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth… so I have a Texas-sized temper. Living and working in both states I’ve learned a lot about hard work, adapting to your surroundings and making the best of the path that you have been led down. My grandma Dollie once told me I would know what I was meant to do when it happened. She was right, as always.
As with most book lovers, I am an avid reader. Reading has always been a hobby – a passion, really. Reading helps to expand the perimeters of one’s mind. That is what got me to start writing as a kid. If I had paper…or a wall… I was writing. Words are a part of us all. Why not use them, right?
During the day I work as a ‘desk jockey’ and help the residents of my county navigate themselves around our little, but not too little country town. By night I am either blogging, doing PA work for some of my favorite authors or I am fighting with the voices in my head. (They can be stubborn at times.) It’s a way to cope and make the troubles of the day disappear, if only for a few hours. It’s a blessing and I am cherishing every moment. For that which is my creation, may become someone else’s treasure.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to make sure I live the day as fully as possible.
~ Connect with Barb here ~

HER SAVIOR @HerCountryGirl



Her Savior
A Rescue Series Novella; Book 2
Publish Date: May 15, 2018
Genre: Romance, Military Romance


Cover Design by: Opium House Creatives



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Capturing her heart may save them both.


Heroes aren’t born. They’re made through hard work, discipline and the love of their country.


Brenton “Trigger” O’Connor, has seen many things in his years as a Marine sniper. He’s seen the destinations of war – the heartache of losing a friend. The last thing he was looking for while back home was finding love.


Avery’s world has been one battle after another. If it’s not her alcoholic father, it’s the ex from hell trying to ruin her. Brent coming back home changes everything. The bad may outweigh the good, but with the big man with her, things may be looking up.


When danger strikes and Avery’s life is on the line, it’s Brent who will have to save the woman who has stolen his heart before it’s too late.



Purchase Links:
Amazon US : AU : CA : UK



Shattered Lives Series
My Own Nightmare / Somewhere I Belong / Shatter Me Whole /
Sparks Of Deception / Living In Your Hell


The Cowboy Way Series
Wrangled By Love


A Rescue Series Novella
A Marshal’s Courage


Primal Darkness
Through The Eyes of Madness (w/KA Graham)
Shifting Shadows


Dirty Fairy Tales Anthology – What Big Teeth
The Parlour Anthology – Ultimate Control


Coloring Books
Shaded With Love: A Coloring Book for a Cause Vol 5



~Meet Barb Shuler~


I’m a Carolina Girl by right and a Texan by birth… so I have a Texas-sized temper. Living and working in both states I’ve learned a lot about hard work, adapting to your surroundings and making the best of the path that you have been led down. My grandma Dollie once told me I would know what I was meant to do when it happened. She was right, as always.
    As with most book lovers, I am an avid reader. Reading has always been a hobby – a passion, really. Reading helps to expand the perimeters of one’s mind. That is what got me to start writing as a kid. If I had paper…or a wall… I was writing. Words are a part of us all. Why not use them, right?
During the day I work as a ‘desk jockey’ and help the residents of my county navigate themselves around our little, but not too little country town. By night I am either blogging, doing PA work for some of my favorite authors or I am fighting with the voices in my head. (They can be stubborn at times.) It’s a way to cope and make the troubles of the day disappear, if only for a few hours. It’s a blessing and I am cherishing every moment. For that which is my creation, may become someone else’s treasure.
Tomorrow is never guaranteed so I want to make sure I live the day as fully as possible.


~ Connect with Barb here ~